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All about school...

My main goal is to prepare for them for kindergarten.  I focus not only on academics, but social skills and learning how to be in a classroom.  Learning how to do certain tasks independently and be a good classmate to their peers are things focused on in my class.

Here is what a typical day looks like...



Group meeting, this is where we discuss what we will be  learning that day and talk about our lesson for the day/week.   We also do the  Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of every  session!  


Class Meeting

This is where we discuss what we will be doing for the day,                                                     talking about the calendar and our goals for the week/day. 


Free Choice

 I feel like this is the most important time of the day,                                                                 socialization skills and learning how to share and                                                                     communicate with their peers.  During this time I work with Your child one on one or in small group work.



Every week we do an art project that will go home or an enrichment activity that we do in class that goes along with our letter or theme of the week.  Other days during this time we may do a science experiment or a large group math activity at the table.  


Story/Rug Time

During rug time the kids have jobs, we discuss the calendar, weather etc.  I  also read them stories which is SO important for a child learning to read!


Snack/Book Time

We have snack/juice and then the kids go to library to look at books while others finish snack.  During this time I also do review  of  letters and/or sight words we are working on that week.


Music/Active Exercise

This is the time of day we get our large motor skills in!  Dancing, singing and moving around!!


Share Time, review the day

We have special animals that go home and have "adventures" with the children as well as share bags (show & tell).  The kids bring them back to school and talk in front of their peers about their adventures/items.  This is a great activity that encourages speech and communication!


Get Ready to Go

Review of the day


I run my classroom very structured, just like in elementary school.  We follow the same routine throughout the day, with the activities changing within the day.  Kids thrive with structure and they feel more comfortable when they know what the routine of the day will be.  Every week we cover an upper case and lower case letter as well as a number.  I do art and science projects that go along with that letter.  I follow the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and this is what the public school uses so it is an easy transition into Kindergarten and your child will be familiar with the terminology and letter formation.  My goal is to prepare them for Kindergarten and to help them feel confident. 


Brighter Beginnings Preschool's main focus is to enhance children ages 3-5 academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  My goal is to prepare each student for entering Kindergarten as well as teaching them basic skills.  Brighter Beginnings Preschool will provide a learning environment so your child can construct their own knowledge to learn about the world and also prepare them for their next school environment. 

         Children are expected to begin school at a much earlier age and Brighter Beginnings is the spot to help ease your child into the school setting.  While providing your child with an academic core, I also want to nurture their growth while taking their enthusiasm for play and exploration and creating a learning environment.

         At Brighter Beginnings I know that your child needs individual attention.  I designed my classroom so each student will get one on one time with the teacher, as well as learning to work within a group.  I also know how important parent involvement is in a child's life and I will make sure that the whole family feels like a part of the Brighter Beginnings Family!  Preschool is your child's first step to education.  I want their first learning experience to be a memorable, positive one that you and your child will cherish for their rest of your lives. 

        Overall I want preschool to be a fun learning environment where your child can express themselves. Since preschool is the starting point of a child's education, I want every child to walk out of my classroom with the feeling they love going to school. A positive school experience will only further their education and make your child more eager to learn!






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