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At this time ND is not mandating the use of masks, SO the kids will not be wearing masks in the classroom. HOWEVER, I will be asking parents/adults that come into the classroom to wear them. The cubby area is a small space and I want to try and do my part to keep everyone safe. So for drop off/pick up I will be asking parents to wear masks. I will also try to do pickup outside as long as weather cooperates. After the first day I will also ask limiting drop off to one adult if you need to enter the building. This will be a learning process for us all and things can change at any given time. All of my plans/procedures will be in the welcome letter that will be sent out in August.

*Mandatory hand washing when entering classroom, before snack & temperature check.

*Strict stay home when sick policy

*Plans will be in place if a child has to stay home due to COVID-19 sickness

*Daily cleaning between sessions & weekly deep cleaning of all toys

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